The Best Training = The Best Results! 

The miracle like results that happen at Superb Health on a daily basis as a result of Nick's training methods are a side effect of doing things right. Nick offers you almost 2 decades of full time training experince! He teaches ancient and proven methods such as bodyweight training, eastern kettlebell training and a self created mindful approach to strength training. As a result, Nick is happy to offer you the highest caloric output, lowest injury rate and greatest level of results money can buy. Nick is a specialist in natural and functional movement patterns and works with all populations and age groups. His training methods will make you strong, mobile and conditioned. 

We offer: 

Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

Team Personal Training

Online Training

All of our sessions are custom designed to meet and exceed your goals. Because we understand how the body works, we can constantly evolve your program to ensure you never stop improving. Regardless of your age or experience, this IS the program for you and we CAN help you achieve the greatest results of your life. 

Nick is a repected movement specialist for over 17 years and counting. He works with a wide range of clientele such as but not limited to: 

-Professional Athletes


-Mom's and Dad's


-Weight Loss

-Injury Rehab

-Trainers, Coaches and Gym Managers

Are you ready to accept your right to be a stronger, more productive and happy individual or group? Please call or email today and schedule your FREE initial consultation. 


Nick’s positivity is infectious. He really believes that anything is possible, and he gets you to believe it, too.
— J Stuhmiller, Honors Professor UWM
Nick has met and exceeded my expectations with his program and style of training. I look forward to continuing the program with him as he has really helped our team.
— Chuck Stollenwerk, Head Coach MSOE University Rowing Team
I appreciate everything Nick was able to do for my athletic career. Within weeks of working with him I saw dramatic changes in my strength and mobility.
— Ryan Gersonde, Iowa Hawkeyes
I now consider Nick a true friend. He’s taught me so much. I could write a book on everything I’ve learned since working with him.
— Blake Bauman, cyclist, father, pain free since 2015 and counting
Nick is a VERY good coach here in Milwaukee and he has the ability to “be himself” as a coach.
This is underappreciated.
— Dan John
Nick has helped me through several injuries as well as helped me prevent some. Since I first started training with him, I have notice significant changes in my strength and speed.
— Alex Brittain, Catholic Memorial Girls Soccer
I had neglected my body for over 30 years (I’m 52). Nick keenly screened my current abilities and limitations to determine the most effective path to physical wellness. He has made me feel at ease since the moment we met as I was a little worried about exercising after not stepping into a gym for over 30 years. Nick has been patient, supportive, understanding and professional. His expertise and knowledge of kettlebells and other forms of exercise is “superb”.
— Burt Robinson, Father of 4, Investor

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