Nick Lynch

Founder and Owner of Superb Health

I would like you to understand that, in me, you have found a trainer that has trained his whole life to be with you in this moment. Your choice to seek out the best trainer for you, has led you to find me, a trainer who is committed to tapping into the deepest levels of your human potential.

I have been providing services as a personal trainer since 2001. In this time I’ve learned all the necessary techniques and tools to provide you with the results you are looking for.

In my evolution as a trainer, I’ve picked up on something far more beneficial to your success than any fads, gimmicks, techniques, programs or fancy tools. I have learned to recognize how important YOU really are. In each session, I honor the fact that it is YOU who defines the session and I who refines the session.

The way I see it, I have a responsibility to you to help you reach your goals. I also accept my responsibility to help you realize the potential you have not yet envisioned for yourself.

I guide you to accept that your state of Superb Health is Defined by YOU. My skill in doing this for you is to listen carefully to your story, look at what your body and your emotions are showing me through your movements and then put the metaphoric mirror up for you to see for yourself. Putting the mirror up for you to see how you move is another way of understanding your own body language. If something feels bad, your body tells you with pain and your movement patterns work against you and cause even more pain and discomfort. If your body feels great, your body tells you with pleasure and your movement patterns work with you allowing you to enjoy more of what you love in life. Often times you can’t see what your body is doing when feeling, but I can. My job is to see and then translate what I see to you so you can better communicate with, and inhabit, your own body at it’s greatest potential.

I am prepared to meet with you and see how I can help you discover your true potential.

Please feel free to call, text or email us to set up your initial 20-minute visit with Superb Health.

My Mission

I provide the greatest mental, physical and emotional training on earth.