Personalized Movement Assessment/Evaluation

1:1 Personal Training

Partner & Small Group Personal Training

2-4 Participants

Team Training

5+ Participants

Nutrition Consultation


With Nick you can expect to:

  • Increase Strength

  • Improve Mobility and Flexibility

  • Gain Lean Muscle Mass

  • Excel in Sport

  • Increase Joint Stability and Hip Mobility

  • Push the limits of Your Physical Stamina

  • Learn the Power of Positive Thinking

  • Experience Safe, Effective Strength Training

With Natalie you can expect to:

Safely return to exercise if you

  • Struggle with INCONTINENCE (fecal and/or urinary)



  • Experienced a PERINEAL TEAR


  • Or are just looking to FEEL STRONGER and MOVE BETTER

Remember: ONCE POSTNATAL, ALWAYS POSTNATAL: It doesn’t matter how long ago you gave birth. Your body after baby ISN’T the same (yes, it’s true…that’s not in your head), so why train like it is? 

Please call or email today and schedule your  INITIAL EVALUATION! 



"I honestly believe Nick is the best trainer in the world. I could be working out at a gym or fitness center doing the same machines every day but instead I go and see Nick. Literally every session he has me doing something new!!" - Joey Lamereux, Madison Capitols, USHL


“I met Nick Lynch as he was instructing the Hockey team at MSOE. I asked around to coahes I trusted about his credentials and he was given very high marks. He is very organized, motivated and a wonderful role model
— Chuch Stollenwerk, Head Coach MSOE University Rowing

Hands-down one of the best in the business. I have been working with Nick since 2013. Nick is a highly skilled personal trainer. He is the best at what he does and is even a better person.
— - Navin Hettiarachchi, MS, Dip MT, MCMT, CSCS, ATC, PRT. Director of Athletic Performance/Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Trainer for the Washington Wizards, NBA