Thank you for considering Superb Health! Here is our step by step process on how we

generally begin working with our members:

1) Initially, I like to meet prospective members in a no pressure way. I begin by giving a tour of our workout space and I’ll give you an overview of the Superb training style. If the space feels safe and comfortable enough for you to share your specific concerns, goals and training expectations, we can proceed together and schedule your assessment.

2) Schedule your assessment. This assessment along with your personal goals, becomes the foundation for your individualized training program. Your input along with the physical assessment helps me determine the most effective mode of training and the path for progress as we move forward from where you are to the results you want to see. I’ll begin by charting your current movement patterns, including limitations and areas of strength. The results of your physical assessment help me determine what what stage of care (description below) you would be best served by initially.

3) Deciding on 1:1 personal training or small group training.

  • 1:1 you will be trained on the fundamental principles in privacy and at your own pace.

  • Small group training requires you take the Fundamentals course before joining in with a group (description below).

4) Payment and scheduling. Our expert member services coordinator Lori will work with you to set up a schedule and billing plan conducive towards your success.

Stages of care:

Stage 1 - Corrective Care:

In this stage we work to correct any dysfunctional movement patterns. Dysfunctional movement patterns may develop as a result of pain, injury or repeated movements, like sitting slumped over a computer, that our body has tried to absorb and compensate for over time.

With time, these dysfunctional patterns can erode your sense of health and well-being and further limit your movement.  

Our focus in this corrective stage of care is to re-introduce your body to functional movement patterns, to provide an understanding of how your body works and to expand your potential. And, once you’re comfortable, we’ll shake it up all over again as we move into the Challenging Limits stage.

Stage 2 - Challenging Limits:

Congrats on entering the realm of all things awesome!

Based on your interest and goals, this stage ushers in our strength and conditioning program.

As you achieve a certain quality of movement and corresponding strength the workouts become more challenging.

What we’re looking to tap into here is your potential, your goals and results.  

Once we’ve successfully tapped into your body’s astonishing abilities, we enter into the Past, Present and Future.

Stage 3 - Past, Present and Future:

Welcome to a new you!

When you enter this stage, it’s time to re-evaluate, re-test to see how far you’ve come, see where you’re at today and figure out  where you’d like to go from here.

Did you meet your goals? Do you need to set new goals? Do you want to maintain this level of success?

Together we’ll figure out the new road map and adjust your training to ensure you meet and exceed your next round of goals.  

Fundamentals Course

In the Fundamentals course I will focus on the the basic principles that will help you maximize the benefits of your training time. In this 2 hour workshop I will cover:

  • breathing techniques

  • proper posture

  • how to coordinate breath with posture

  • safe and effective lifting technique for - squats, swings, deadlifts, drags, carries and core

After completion of the Fundamentals course, you may choose to work in small group training sessions or to work 1:1.

You can trust that, no matter what approach you decide to embark on, we’re here to

support you as you tap into your potential and reach your goals.

Call or email today and schedule your initial consultation!!!

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