Our Mission

To help as many people as possible become healthier naturally through customized techniques to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

Our Core Values

1. Results. We will do everything possible to see that our clients achieve their goals.

2. Environmental Performance. We train in the gym for optimal sport performance in the outdoor environment.

3. Total Fitness and Health. Mental and spiritual fitness and health is as important as physical fitness and health.

4. Communication. We develop relationships through genuine communication.

5. Always a Student. We always learn, even when we teach.

6. Mindfulness. Being present right now is a gift for which we are always grateful.

7. Discomfort. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

8. Quiet Mind. Practice empty mind – “mushin no shin.”

9. Health. We strive for a healthy life through movement, nutrition, thoughts and actions.

10. Integrity. We practice what we preach.

11. Be Happy. “Piña Colada” life style (Don’t be too serious, be happy, and enjoy the now)