Our mission

  • To provide the best fitness training techniques available and yet, always search for a better way.

  • To support each member as they reach their human potential and beyond.

  • To bring mind and spirit in alignment with exercise movement.

  • To cultivate meaningful relationships with all.

  • To inspire positive engagement by example. To see each client as a gift that teaches us what we need to know. To provide the best fitness training available on the planet.

Core Values

  1. Beginner's mind. To approach each individual with a mind free of judgement and preconceived notions. To offer personalized techniques for each individual’s present moment needs. To empower and awaken untapped potential within.

  2. Communication. To create a safe and trusting place where one can feel free to be open, honest and safe with vulnerabilities.

  3. Relationships. To cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships with each other, our fitness community and our community at large.  

  4. Improvement. To commit to a centered and vibrant business that strives to create a community of mutual respect and generosity and to constantly, pay it forward.

  5. Service. To serve each individual to the best of our ability with every interaction.