Defined By You

Insight into what I offer as a provider of the greatest personal training on earth at Superb Health.

By Nick Lynch

I’m not sure if any of you noticed, but Superb Health has been going naked for a while. About eight months ago, I made the executive decision to retire our old tagline, “Primitive Strength for Modern Masses.” I can’t exactly explain why, but around the time we left  the Bay View facility, it hit me that particular tagline, didn’t really fit with where Superb Health was headed. I put it on the back burner and stayed open to the possibility that something more appropriate would come to me. Today, I am happy to share with you that Superb Health’s tagline has been reimagined and  could not have come to me without your help. 

You see, I have been providing services as a personal trainer since 2001 (18 years and counting).In this time I’ve learned all the necessary techniques and tools to give you the results you are looking for. In my evolution as a trainer, I picked up on something far more beneficial to your success than any technique or tool, somewhere along the way I recognized how important YOU really are. With every session, I recognize  it is YOU who defines the session and it is I who refines the session.

As a beginning trainer I thought I’d be a great trainer if I had the right credentials. For a long time I put my energy into who I know, who knows me, who I think I should know, and how I look to those around me. As a seasoned trainer, I realize this is nonsense. What matters doesn’t come from outside myself, what defines me as an atypical trainer is how I view myself. 

My experience is no different than yours. When it comes to helping you to reach your full potential the defining factor, critical to your success, is how you view you. By the time we are ready to invest in creating a new vision of ourselves, we’ve already taken some direct hits to our ego from other “well-meaning” coaches, family, friends and trainers. We cloak ourselves in others opinions, criticisms and even compliments and, if we hear them enough, we begin to feel this is who we are. 

Thus, our new tagline: “Defined by YOU!” is more than a simple tagline. It is my attempt to hand you your power back. To put you in control of you. I need to help YOU realize the driving force moving you toward the goals you set is YOU. Because you are the driving force, my role becomes one of facilitation. 

In contemplating how to REALLY make a training session about you, I realized that there is what we ‘think’ is true and then there’s what really is true. It’s my job to challenge you to define your preconceived notions of truth to ensure you’re in accountability for your actual truth. This relates to self image, personal goals and setting realistic time frames for your success.  

An example of what you might think is true is that, since you pay me money to tell you what to do, this means it’s my job to assess your current abilities, write you a training program, and encourage you to do the program. If you make an appointment for a session, you might think I should remind you that you have an appointment so that you can show up. This is magical thinking. 

The reality of this false thinking, carried further, is that you might never reach your potential if I take on all your responsibility. Sure, you’ll show up and pay the bill but, you might never reach the goals you set for yourself because you are really not holding yourself accountable to them. 

The truth is, I guide you to accept that your state of Superb Health is Defined by YOU. I do this in a very skilled and experienced way by listening carefully to your story, looking at what your body and your emotions are showing me and then put the metaphoric mirror up for you to see for yourself. Putting the mirror up for you to see you is another way of understanding your own body language. Your body speaks loudly with feelings. If something feels bad, your body tells you with pain. If your body feels great, your body tells you with pleasure. Often times you can’t see what your body is doing when feeling, but I can. My job is to see and then translate what I see to you so you can better communicate with, and inhabit, your own body. 

The reality of this truth empowers you to understand your body in new and invigorating ways. You will make appointments that you want to be here for as much as I want you to be here for them. You will contribute to your appointment, knowing that tapping into hidden potential requires accountability. As a result and over time, you will far exceed your goals and create a life of greater success and happiness. This is what makes your experience at Superb Health Defined by YOU!

Superb Health, defined by you,  is exactly why our initial consultations with new clients are 90 + minutes long. In addition to taking the basic information, medical history and injury history, hearing and seeing you speak gives me an understanding of how you will move by the words you use as we review your health history. In this appointment, I listen deeply to how you view yourself. I notice how this view has lead you to think  about yourself. I discern how your thoughts about yourself inform what you say about your body and how this process now informs your movement patterns. Your movement patterns are your body’s language. It is a language I speak and translate fluently.

This interpretation of what your body is saying doesn’t happen instantly, it develops over time. This is why I don’t have new clients join small groups immediately. If I schedule you with a group of individuals whom I’ve had the honor to get to know on a personal level, they will have a personal experience, you will have a group experience. They are individuals who know my language and I theirs. You are new to me, and I to you. In order to ensure you receive the same level of expertise, wealth of knowledge and invigorating results that everyone else is receiving and that brought you here to train with me in the first place, I need to better understand your body language, your emotions and your goals. If at some point you want to be in a small group, we’ll check in with your body to see if it is in your best interest. 

Because I want your experience at Superb Health to be customized to you, I feel it must be defined by you. This is much more than a tagline to me, it is the creation of a synergistic force within each of us. It is an experience that is  designed by you, for you, to empower you to reach your highest potential. 

For so long I had a hard time answering the question, “What do you do?” But now, thanks to countless clients, when someone asks me what I do at Superb Health, my answer is, “That is Defined by YOU!