January News and Upgrades at Superb Health

By Nick Lynch


As a gift of gratitude to our community and members, we’ve invested a great deal of time and funds these last 4 months into upgrades around Superb Health! Here’s a list of news you should know about:

  1. We are transitioning to Mindbody software, please download the Mindbody App on your mobile device. We are working on customizing the App and as soon as we are up and running it will allow you to tap into some scheduling, tracking and billing features, currently unavailable.

  2. New faces - Lori H. is our new manager and she’s doing an amazing job!

  3. Website updates. You’ll notice updated content and testimonials.

  4. New computer systems. You’ll notice all of your workouts are tracked, logged and shared with you to utilize in your off days to constantly progress and improve.

  5. Increased service hours. We’re now offering more serviceable hours than ever before.

  6. Scheduling out ensures you stay consistent with your workouts. We can, and would love to, schedule out your entire package of sessions to ensure you get a time that works best for you.

  7. New phone system. 414-477-2071 is now an integrated landline. Lori monitors this on a daily basis to ensure you’re in the schedule, up to date with billing and any other necessary information. Please note: This is a landline and no longer accepts text messages.

  8. These newsletters. We’re aiming to have 1 per month. Not to much, not to little. We respect you and will therefore only send out necessary information such as this or information that can help guide you in your path to wellness.

Our farm fresh Japanese Green Tea is in and is stronger than ever! Just in time as it’s a antiviral and anti-bacterial POWERHOUSE!