Nick Lynch

Founder and Co-Owner of Superb Health

Nick’s professional foundation seems to have been the ideal training ground for the career he has chosen. He was raised in Montpelier, Vermont and is the son of Dr. James Lynch, a chiropractor at the center of holistic thinking in his community.

It is clear Nick’s passion for helping others understand their own potential was nurtured in his hometown, but experience played a part too.  After working as a personal trainer for six years in for-profit facilities that too often left people injured, Nick decided to follow his vision for how he could best facilitate the potential in others. It is this vision that inspired him to establish Superb Health in 2007.  

His credentials are diverse, he has completed coursework at UW-Superior in Exercise Science and following that, has sought out Kettlebell masters to train and obtain certification with. In the process, he acquired the title of  Senior Russian Kettlebell Master himself and become an Exercise Specialist, a Master Trainer, and is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for MSOE University Rowing Team.

 Nick is a seeker, a learner and a teacher, he enjoys life with Natalie and their two children, Weston and Vera. Together they strive to not only contribute professionally but also, to nurture a sense of authentic community.  “I see each client as an extension of my family and I love to watch each and every one grow and excel in their careers, sport and life.”


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Natalie Lynch

Co-Owner of Superb Health

A Milwaukee native, Natalie attended Divine Savior Holy Angels High School before attending Marquette University. She graduated from Marquette in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

After graduation, she worked as an acute care nurse until 2011 when her focus shifted from meeting the needs of the acute patient to promoting the concepts of wellness and injury prevention.

Natalie has obtained:

·       Bachelor of Science in Nursing—RN

·       Certification as Instructor in Hardstyle Kettlebell

·       Specialist status in Postnatal Fitness

With her specialized expertise and focus on helping postnatal women gain strength and learn to rehabilitate their core and pelvic floor through functional movement, Natalie is contributing to the health of Milwaukee area women. As a daughter, sister, wife and mom she understands exactly how much depends on the Superb Health of women.


Lori Horbas

Member Services Coordinator

Lori is here to support our mission to facilitate as many people as possible to become healthier by coordinating a customized training schedule that will meet client’s needs. Coordinating with Lori allows clients to pursue and develop their physical, mental and spiritual strengths.

Lori had a long career as the business manager for a successful biological dental practice where she developed a deep understanding of holistic health principals. In addition, while working, she earned her BA in English and developed a freelance writing platform focused on documenting the relationship between farming practices, food and health. She currently writes for publication in print and digital media formats.

Crucial to her understanding of what we do is that, Lori has been a consistent one-on-one regular at Superb Health for two years. “I came to Superb Health after a particularly stressful period in my life when I was providing in home hospice for my mom, and after my responsibilities ended, I realized I needed to make a conscious decision to take care of myself. Every session at Superb Health is a step toward that goal. I am constantly evolving into best version of me I can be, and I look forward to helping others do the same.”

Superb Health

Unique personal training experiences

Though Nick started his first personal training job at Body Tech in Barre Vermont in 2001, he turned his passion for helping people into an official business in 2007 when Superb Health LLC, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The idea behind Superb Health was to create a safe haven for all humans. Founded on Nick’s view that none of us need wear a label. At Superb Health you are not an athlete, an injury, or a doughy bundle, rather, you come in as a human being looking for the support you need to reach the potential you know exists within. At Superb Health Nick meets you where you are today. He develops a customized plan for you in that very first visit, a plan that will help you, with each visit, tap into your particular level of potential.

When it comes to training, it’s not about getting in your face and chewing you up, no, the Superb style is foundational, simple and fun. Nick’s approach is to rely on foundational principles. Lifting options include hoisting your own body weight, barbells and kettlebells. But it’s not just lifting, it’s lifting combined with posture, breath work and functional movement patterns. Sprinkle in some classic rock or classical music and you’re on your way to becoming skilled at strength training.

When it comes to lifting, skill development is critical to training in a safe and effective manner. But, there’s more. You need to have fun if you are to learn. If you have fun, you laugh and oxygenate. If you oxygenate your brain turns on. If your brain is on, you retain what you learn.

As a client of Superb Health, you’ll be trained to:  

  1. Feed your mind with meditation and positive intention

  2. Feed your body with breath, water and clean food

  3. Feed the fire in your soul with functional strength training

It’s up to you to decide to engage your potential with active intention. And, when you do, we’ll be ready for you.